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For centuries the Bedouin tribesmen of the Middle Eastern deserts carefully bred the Arabian horses for beauty, refinement, athletic ability, stamina, willingness, versatility and intelligence.  The purity of the Arabian's bloodlines enables it to complement any breed with which it is crossed.


Crossing purebred Arabians with other breeds is not a new concept.  It's how all light horse breeds developed.  Thoroughbreds, American Quarter Horses, Lipizzaners, Morgans, Saddlebreds, Tennessee Walking Horses, and many others can trace their origins to the Arabian horse.  A wide variety of performance and pleasure Half-Arabian horses have also evolved through infusion of Arabian blood.




Whatever equine activity you enjoy, there is a Half-Arabian horse that can do it with style.  The best part is that anyone can customize the horse of their choice through selective breeding.  The only limits are your imagination and needs!

Working western riders breed stock-type horses with Arabians for quick cutting, reining, working cow or western pleasure mounts.  Purebred Arabians bred with grade (unregistered) horses create great all-around family and sport horses. 


Equitation and English pleasure riders discover perfection in high-stepping Arabian crosses.  Distance riders choose Half-Arabian horses for stamina.  Dressage, eventing and hunter/jumper riders like Half-Arabian horses for athletic ability and suppleness.  Color breed enthusiasts use Arabians to add refinement.



The International Arabian Horse Association (IAHA) established the Half-Arabian Horse Registry to encourage both the breeding and use of Half-Arabians,  Today almost 300,000 are registered in North America.


By registering your horse through IAHA, you can show at national, regional and local levels; compete in distance rides; join the Sweepstakes and Futurities in prize money programs; and participate in Achievement Awards.  Besides participation, registered horses also enjoy increased value and prestige.

Arabians crossed with Thoroughbreds enjoy special status as Anglo-Arabian horses and have their own registry through IAHA.  An Anglo Arabian horse must have no less than 25 percent Arabian blood and no more the 75 percent Arabian blood.

For details on registering your Half-Arabian and the exciting programs offered, call your IAHA member services representative at (303) 696-4500.






What is a Half-Arabian Horse?  A horse with one registered purebred Arabian parent qualifies as a Half-Arabian.  The oth er parent may be any non-Arabian horse.  The exception is an Arabian-Thoroughbred, which is registered with IAHA as an Anglo-Arabian horse.

What makes a Half-Arabian horse unique?  The most notable Arabian characteristics passed on to Half-Arabian offspring are beauty, refinement, athletic ability, stamina, willingness, versatility and intelligence.

What can Half-Arabian horses do?  Each horse is unique, combining the elements of two separate breeds.  Competitive trail, endurance, English and western, cutting, stock horse, hunter/jumper, driving, dressage, and pleasure riders all use Half-Arabian horses.

How do I know which Half-Arabian horse to buy?  Before you purchase a horse, you should decide what use it will serve,  The price you pay will relate to the horse's breeding, age conformation, level of training, and ability.  Call IAHA for a list of local Arabian and Half-Arabian horse clubs in your area.

Why should I register my Half-Arabian?  Besides increased value for your horse, you'll enjoy many benefits and opportunities to participate in exciting programs through IAHA.



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